3 Best Google Docs alternatives

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Google Docs is a great document creation tool that lets you work alongside your team members in real-time. With this cloud-based office suite, you can create, edit, and manage all of your documents through the web interface.

It is quite popular among many businesses and individuals for collaborating, sharing and creating documents. However, there are numerous Google Docs alternatives that offer a variety of features to improve your note-taking productivity.

If you’re using Google Docs to collaborate with your team, you could be compromising more than you originally thought. Google Docs is great for creating documents and spreadsheets, but it falls short regarding advanced collaboration features and permissions. Whatever your reason might be, your search ends right here. This article highlights 3 of the best Google Docs alternatives.


Notion is the most popular tool out there. It has all the features you expect from a collaborative workspace online in one place. Notion is a very powerful tool but doesn’t require advanced technical skills to use, making it ease of use one of the biggest advantages. One of Notion’s selling points is the platform’s way of making it possible to bring everything together.

Notion features

  • A fully customisable database able to track your entire life
  • A generous free plan
  • Project Management
  • To-Do Lists
  • Docs, Wikis, and Relation Databases
  • Unlimited pages & blocks
  • A newly launched API in 2021
  • Synced blocks allow you to update something once, and it syncs across your workspace.


Superspace — is an excellent note-taking tool that is embedded into the Zuperly feature set. It can be grouped with the Calendar to form the most powerful sync up when it comes to the productivity aspect of Zuperly.

Collaboration is one of the most significant aspects of teamwork. For instance, I’m writing this article on my own. However, working in a team means you need an efficient way to share documents with team members. Superspace is a great collaboration tool with a smooth interface. What’s so special about Zuperly is that all the other platforms mentioned here are built for a wide range of audiences. But Zuperly is a learner-centric platform. We’ve built for learners and will continue to do so!

Personalise your learning and find what you need fast. Zuperly is a unified hub for all your learning and productivity needs. It will allow you to collect, organise, collaborate and analyse your learning all in one place. Our mission is to make you and your team effective and efficient learners. Right now, the entire learning stack is fragmented and scattered across several platforms, which makes it hard for you to learn efficiently. Your productivity could get slowed down by having to switch contexts between various platforms. You end up spending more time searching rather than learning.

What’s so special about Zuperly compared to the other platforms? Zuperly has all other tools to help you with learning as well. So that you don’t have to use a different platform just to take notes, just imagine one platform for all your learning needs. But you don’t have to keep imagining; it’s already out there!

Superspace features

  • Add collaborators to your documents
  • Dividers help readers distinguish between different sections of your Doc
  • Character counter to keep a check of the number of characters in your Doc
  • Print option to directly convert your Doc into PDFs
  • Word counter to see how many words you’ve typed in your Doc

Other features in Zuperly

  • With the Zuperlyst feature curating links to important resources available online will be as easy as creating a Spotify playlist with your favourite songs.
  • Organise all your courses in one place with coursestack
  • Spark is accessible throughout the platform, making it easier to navigate between features. Find your to-do list, Pomodoro, and quick notes at your fingertips.
  • Go deeper on relevant topics and explore collections of related content to gain knowledge at your own pace with Pathways.


ClickUp Docs let you make all kinds of documents. You can build knowledge bases, user guides, meeting minutes, and Standard Operating Procedures. And don’t worry about having too much or too little writing space since ClickUp Docs has unlimited pages. Plus, it keeps files organised with Relationships and tagging for easy access and indexing for searchability.

ClickUp features

  • Free version that supports unlimited users
  • Manage files across popular cloud storage systems like Google Drive, Dropbox
  • You can speed up your approval and feedback processes with proofing and annotation.
  • Send and receive emails directly within a task with Email ClickApp
  • Integrates with several third-party software like Evernote, YouTube, Calendly.

These Google Docs alternatives are sure to help you meet your collaborative needs regardless of what industry you’re in. So, if you’re looking for a new tool for your next project, choose one of these Google Docs alternatives today!

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