Hello! My Techno Savvy GenZ people! I’m sure y’all have landed here because y’all are dealing with issues of using too much of your fancy technological devices!

I’m gonna skip the formalities of explaining to you the ‘“signs and symptoms of addiction” or even the “101 scary things you never knew about cell phones”. Oh! or my favorite “ cellphones: boon or bane!” Since you’ve already hit rock bottom, let’s come to the point, and talk about what can be done now!

While technology and screens might be comforting and help you stay virtually connected, it can also impact your health. It’s time to consciously take an effort to reduce your screen time. And here’s how:

  • Build a schedule

Structuring your day and having a daily routine can be incredibly helpful in keeping track of how much time you spend online.

  • Create electronic-free zones

Designate areas and times in your home where technological devices are not allowed. Instead, spend quality time with your loved ones, go outdoors or read a good book.

  • Avoid using technology before bed

When it comes to a half-hour before bedtime, put the electronics away, because it can result in harmful effects on your sleep. Anyway, we are infamously known as the generation with insomniac issues.

  • Set Limits

There are settings available to enforce time limits and receive notifications when you have maxed your limit and are spending more time than you plan to. Go ahead, explore those utility apps provided in your phones.

  • Engage in digital detoxes

This one is a personal favorite! Try substituting activities that you would normally do online ( reading magazines, scrolling through the gram, watching Netflix, etc.) with journaling and meditation.

  • Stay active

Get up you binge-junk food-eating couch potato! Instead of sitting at your screen all day, try an indoor workout or go for a nice walk outdoors.

Getting up and moving can reduce your screen time and optimize your mental health.

Whaaaaaaaat? Do I see you feeling positive about yourselves, already?

Yay! Go on, improvise.

Maansee Bakhrey

Content Writer




It’s not just about reading and writing. It’s about renewing your self-motivation.

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It’s not just about reading and writing. It’s about renewing your self-motivation.