Did you ever wonder how incredible it would be if we could have a magic potion or a magic pill for increasing our productivity? How, on some of our bad days we would like to replicate the Instagram trending reels for real and call our productivity to come back to us? Sigh! But what if I told you that you have had forever access to brew your magic potion that will increase not only your productivity but also enhance your learning by 100 times!

You might think I’m talking about some far-fetched idea but it is not so! As we learn and unlearn things in our life, from skills to acquiring new knowledge to building new habits and discarding older habits, as we embark on this infinity loop of learning we are brewing a potent potion of forever productivity and enhanced learning. A cultivated culture of lifelong learning in an individual becomes a powerful force for growth and productivity in every aspect of life.

The constant need for “upskilling” along with “re-skilling” has become the need of the hour. A study conducted by the New Mckinsey Global Institute (MGI) revealed that if ‘reskilling’ and ‘upskilling’ efforts are kept up in a lifelong learner, then global productivity could increase by one percent by 2024. This means that there is untapped potential to rediscover our productivity and this potential can be realized when we commit to being a lifelong learner and dedicate ourselves to reskill and upskill consistently.

Hence, just like lifelong learning productivity too is built over time with the right methods and narrowed-down goals, and realizing what or where we want to see ourselves in the distant future. Moreover, a global economic setting where major technological changes happen, along with situations such as the pandemic, necessitates constant reskilling, and if we are equipped to shed our older skills or build on our old skills to make it more complex, then with enhanced skills we become more productive in our professional world.

Similarly, in our society changes occur at a rapid pace and constant to this is
‘external progress’ this means that learning is continuous and ongoing, and a never- ending process. As such it should be enjoyed, and without it productivity will see a setback. As we keep learning new skills, new habits, acquire new knowledge we do not just maintain a ‘baseline’ of productivity but we continue to push ourselves and it effectively enables us to creatively engage with our knowledge, maximize productivity and realize our potential. Therefore, lifelong learning breeds productivity!

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:- Rajnandini Barman