3 min readApr 10, 2021

Let’s talk about that awkward moment between life and death! Just kidding!

Here we are back again with another blog, trying to help you change your outlook towards certain issues, like life!

Survival is literally the most reckless journey all of us embark on. I for example am currently living through the last days of college, navigating through my final exams and trust me when I say: it has been a bumpy ride. I feel like my life is scattered in a thousand missing pieces. I am pretty sure so many of us have been on this or are on this carriage, jingling so many things at the same time that it all becomes overwhelming and we are stuck at a point of confusion.

We eventually come to a point where we ask ourselves constantly, why nothing good in life is easy?

The virtue of boredom

Everything that’s fun in life is either immoral, illegal, or will make you fat. I reckon the inversion of this is also true — that is, everything moral, legal, and non-fattening is, by definition, probably boring.

Here’s where you have to start! Think of everything with gratification, only then will you be able to beat the boredom.

You could therefore say that delayed gratification is the foundation of civilization. It’s the call to sacrifice a little satisfaction today to greatly increase the quality of life tomorrow.

How convenience can backfire

It’s often the inefficient friction in life that slows us down long enough to actually forge meaningful connections.

For example, instead of ordering your favorite pizza online, force yourself to walk down to the pizza joint each week and chat to them about weather and business and sports while they prepare your takeaway, week after week, month after month — well, it’s the aggregation of all of these little “inefficient” experiences that generates a sense of community and rootedness in one’s life. By introducing widespread “convenience,” at scale, you remove people’s opportunities to serendipitously engage with the people in their communities.

Now, don’t immediately delete your UberEats and Swiggy accounts!

Long term thinking

If I’ve ever learnt anything from the movie ZNMD is that: one, money can buy happiness (just a joke) and two, Hritik Roshan spends half his life planning without ever implementing those plans.

We know we at Zuperly preach the sermon of planning, visualizing, setting long term goals, etc. But if you want to essentially get on the track, make sure to make your goals short term.

Goals should be directed towards an end. An approachable pathway to the end is what true achievers chose!

Nothing in life is easy, we must know to find a way to make everything easy and do-able.

I hope we’ve helped you find your answers for why everything good in life is difficult to achieve.

In the end i would just like to mention that you are the one who chooses what is truly difficult and what is difficult but can be made easy and acquirable.

Stay tuned for our next weeks blog.

By Maansee Bakhrey




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