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Imagine having to read a book without a name, table of contents, or page numbers, doesn’t it feel odd? Resources with a precise table of contents and page numberings help us to locate particular sub-headings and information. This eases the process of learning to a huge extent. While we were at school, do you recall having different notebooks for different subjects? We would also note down the date and the sub-heading before starting off with an assignment thus, we were honed to an organized form of learning. However, what is the purpose of this method of learning? Let’s find out

Research at Princeton University discovered that disorganization and mess make it difficult to focus as our visual cortex gets overwhelmed and exhausted. This in turn affects our efficiency and ability to focus on a particular task. Mess and disorganized spaces and platforms also lead to emotions like confusion, irritation, and stress. Thus, a clean and organized environment helps us focus and generates positive emotions within us. Most of us have experienced stress and anxiety when we have a piled-up to-do list or cannot find a particular reading before an exam. This stress reduces to a great extent when we have an organized schedule and agenda, which will allow our brain to feel relaxed and motivated. While we are surfing the internet, an organized and sequential result to our search would ease the process of data collection and learning.

“I don’t always open an article in a new tab with plans of reading it later. However, when I do, I NEVER READ IT”. How relatable can this be? While researching for resources, we often face an abundance of results, and thus, opening too many tabs can cause negative feelings of restlessness, confusion, and even anxiety. Our brain functions efficiently in an organized and clean environment. Still, wondering why your mother always asked you to clean your study desk? Worry not as I have the perfect solution to this universal problem.

Imagine storing the links of all your resources in an organized form, under one application! Each time you log in, you can sequentially view all the links, under various folders organized, just for you! Confused where to avail of this all-in-one app? Check out Zuperlyst today and discover the awesomeness of self-learning. Zuperlyst will store all the links to your resources in an organized and sequential form. It offers you a dashboard that displays the various folders of your interest. It gets even better with the new chrome extension of Zuperlyst. You’re just a click away from the best self-learning experience of your life! Now with just ONE CLICK, store away all the links to various resources, in Zuperlyst! Sign up now and experience the joy of learning.

The main aim of Zuperlyst is to provide the user with an all-in-one dashboard that will cater to different needs. We often download a particular app to jot down our to-do list, then another app to make notes, another for storing important information, so on and so forth. Eventually, we see that none of these apps are coming to use and thus, they stick around in a corner of our display. This is the main issue that Zuperlyst aims to dissolve. How about making an all-in-one app that will store all your links to different resources, allow you a personal as well as a collaborative list? Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well. it truly is. The dashboard will allow you an organized space that offers columns such as books, articles, podcasts, videos, apps, and courses. Thus, you can save for later, the different links according to the category in which it belongs.

The app has a favorite, public, personal and collaborative stack. The favorite stack can add up to 5 resource links for each folder while in the public stack, you can store innumerable resource links and share them with other Zuperlyst learners. Once you share your Zuperlyst account with other learners, they can only view and bookmark your favorites and public stack list. Creating bookmarks for shared accounts can help to pin down important resources. The personal stack stores all resource links that you wish to save for personal learning. Meanwhile, the collaborative stack allows the learner to add up to five Zuperlyst learners to their account and engage in collaborative learning. Thus, it is more of an online group learning with shared resources from both ends. In short, this all-in-one app allows you to store link resources under favorites, public, personal and collaborative stack. Each provides its own share of benefits. If you share your account link with your Zuperlyst friends, they can view your favorites and public resource link stack. On the other hand, you can engage in online group learning by inviting up to five Zuperlyst friends and sharing online educational resources with each other.

What is the best time to explore this all-in-one app? Well, just a month before your exam. When the exams are approaching and your panic mode is slowly activating, take a deep breath and fall back upon Zuperlyst. Store all the links of exam resources in Zuperlyst, under the appropriate folders. This also allows you an organized form of learning. Research has proven that organized forms of learning help develop positive feelings of motivation, energy, happiness, etc. On the other hand, disorganized forms of learning can often develop negative feelings of anxiety, depression, demotivation, and panic. Thus, organizing learning can help the learner to a huge extent. When resources are unorganized and messy, the brain stops functioning efficiently. This in other terms can be called a brain fog, which we often experience when we are overburdened with a lot of resources. Thus to prevent such a situation, Zuperly has launched Zuperlyst, the all-in-one app. However, it gets even better!

Just for your convenience and a little more pampering, Zuperlyst has now launched the new chrome extension. Hence, It is a link saver of various resources with just ONE CLICK. Yes, you’ve heard it right! All it takes is just one click from chrome, to store away all your links to Zuperlyst. The app will now store all your resources in an organized and sequential form.

Zuperlyst has also launched the v1.1 Beta Version which offers you a collaborative list, a search feature, and notifications. Can life get simpler? Collaborative lists allow the learner to learn and share resources with other lifelong learners. You can now conduct an online group study by sharing and acquiring agendas and resources in Zuperlyst! Various courses can be shared and learned together which undoubtedly makes learning 10 times more fun and enjoyable. Collaborative learning is also proven to be highly beneficial because there is a constant exchange of innovative resources and ideas among the learner thus, enriching the overall process. The search feature has also enabled to find particular resources with just one click. This all-in-one all also has an update feature wherein all the resources and information are updated daily and notifications!

What are you waiting for? Prepare for the best self-learning experience of your lifetime. Join Zuperlyst today and avail the unique and interesting features, curated for joyous learning. Learning is a lifelong process, it never ends until we perish. Thus, why not come out of the mundane boring way of studying and explore self-learning at Zuperlyst?

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