2 min readAug 4, 2021

Do you believe in magic? Imagine a world full of wonders provided at your doorstep. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, as strange and startled as you might get, I do believe in magic. Why? Let’s find out.

A learning app, which believes in the idea of self-learning and pampering while providing you with the best of facilities and resources. This is magic, right? Not imaginative though. Zuperly is an online learning app that highly promotes the idea of self-learning and learning as a lifetime process. This app swears by the idea that learning can be done anywhere and by anyone, regardless of age, gender, qualifications, etc. Learning must be a fun and exciting process and Zuperly surely aims to deliver that by launching Pathways and Zuperlyst, the two spells of the magic.

Pathways, like the name suggests, shows you the path towards proper learning. The app provides the learner with a dashboard wherein curated resources that are reliable and credible, are provided. All the subjects that fall under the interest and strengths of the learner are highlighted with the best selection of resources, from all over the place.

Zuperlyst, on the other hand, believes in the idea of the organizing resources which allows effective and happy learning. It stores all the links of various resources in an organized manner along with a regular update policy. Where the best resources are selected and curated only for you along with a place that organizes your learning, I bet you too shall start believing in magic.

What are you waiting for then? Sign in and avail of the exciting pocket-friendly packages and discover the path towards happy learning. Also, Zuperlyst is renewed with an added potion of magic called the v1.1. What’s new? Signup and find out today.

— Teethi Nag
Content Writer
Zuperly EdTech




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