How to Capture your Ideas and Accomplish More

3 min readApr 25, 2022

The human brain generates ideas at an astonishing rate. Every day we get new ideas; however, how many of those brilliant ‘aha’ moments of yours do you remember? How many of those do you implement? Indeed, the majority of our ideas do not see fruition.

Why is that? The truth is that sometimes, we simply forget. We get some wonderful ideas while doing the most mundane tasks like riding the bus or washing utensils. Of course, we do not stop in the middle of our tasks to carefully jot down the idea and plan it fully. We carry on and think that we will remember what we came up with, but we do not. Therefore, there is a crucial need to capture these ideas immediately.

Now, what are some benefits of capturing them?

  1. You don’t forget them: It is quite frustrating to not be able to remember some genius idea that struck you suddenly. Recording ideas would spare you the despair you would feel.
  2. You get to clear your headspace: With a runaway idea, your mind keeps wandering around it. It becomes difficult to concentrate on your usual tasks and work.
  3. Your ‘aha’ idea: The most important aspect of ideas is to keep having them. Not all the ideas would be groundbreaking, but one day, you will be sure to reach an amazing one!

How to Capture Ideas?

1.Write Them Down

Writing down ideas preserves them. A quick note in your personalised notebook can save you the trouble of trying to recall ideas later. You can even organise your ideas into different categories later when you get time. This way, your ideas are safe in a tangible form for you to use or discard as deemed.

There is an interesting concept of ‘freewriting’ which allows you to freely write your thoughts without any time limit. It not only promotes the expression of an idea but encourages confidence and belief in that idea.

2.Mind Mapping

Another interesting concept would be that of mind mapping. Instead of writing sentences to record ideas, this method can be used by highlighting one word and then drawing connections from it. This central word can be highlighted, and the other ideas can be drawn to it with a line. They can act like branches arising from the main stem and would help you make connections as well.

Read more on mind mapping here: Mind mapping.

3.Record on your Phone

Our phones are the most used devices. We are constantly on them, and we carry them everywhere. This makes it easy for us to access them everywhere. Several applications can be loaded to make it easier for us to record our ideas.

The notes app on our phones is easy to access, and we can quickly type in our thoughts. We can also use the voice recording feature to dictate our ideas and record them for future reference.

4.Create or Find your own Space

Imagine how fun and interactive it would be to share ideas and gain more insight into what others think about them. You can get like-minded individuals and create an offline or virtual space with them. This can be your own safe space to share ideas, record them, and even get constructive criticism from others.

This can act as a learning experience for you.

Zuperly is the best tool to capture resources when you are working on developing these ideas and trying to bring them to reality. With Zuperly, you’ll be able to capture everything that’s important to you and store it in one focused space for yourself. Our Chrome Extension helps you capture any information from any place on the internet and save it to Zuperly, waiting for you to take action. It will prompt you to make notes with context when you’re browsing.

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To summarise, getting ideas is a natural process, and we must cherish that. Recording these brilliant ideas and saving them to build on later can be an opportunity. Try the above techniques and accomplish more!




It’s not just about reading and writing. It’s about renewing your self-motivation.